Wait–did Your Blog Name Change??

Hey friends!

I wanted to let you know about a change on the blog. So–yes, I did change the name! The reason is mostly because when I first started it, it just seemed simple to put it under my name, but as time has passed on I just didn’t like it. I guess because I never really wanted it to be “about me”. The heart of this blog is to be a place that ladies can feel comfortable to come to rest for a minute, like talking with a friend or sister next door, which is where the new name comes in. My heart is to create content like that, because for me personally– there have been seasons where I’ve longed to have someone like a sister I could just go and talk with for a minute that I could count on to not be judgy and that would lovingly but unapologetically point me towards Jesus. When I lived on the mission field before I could speak Spanish, I found a lot of comfort in authors and blogs and that’s where my vision for this first started. So, that’s where the name change comes in! I hope that this could be a place that’s restful, edifying and conversational, because I know that as a lady– I need my sisters in Christ. I’m hoping to soon do a little more branching out of the blog on social media to get advice on things to write and hopefully connect a little more– so I’ll let you know as soon as it get’s started!

Thanks so much for reading =)

Love and God bless you,



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